Enid Firewood

ALERT! December 6, 2018: Due to the upcoming weather and high demand, we are currently out of pecan and oak. We have some mixed wood available at $100 pickup only. We cannot deliver!

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We sell firewood for use to heat your home or shop, for that nice outdoor fireplace or to smoke your favorite cut of meat.  Our busiest time of year is between October and March, however we typically have wood available year round. Call (580) 233-3641.

How it’s sold
Our wood is sold by the 1/3 cord.  In the Enid area, this is typically called a ‘rick’.  The size of a rick is 4′ x 8′ x 18″.  A rick will fit in a standard 6′ pickup bed but we’ve had some put it in a compact truck as well.  For those wanting a full cord, you will receive three ricks.  If you choose to order a full cord, please understand this is 4′ x 4′ x 8′ and requires at least a 16′ trailer to transport.  If a rick is too much, we also sell halves.

While we also try to only sell seasoned wood, it does usually contain some moisture which can cause it to smoke or sizzle some.  We never sell fresh cut wood unless specifically requested.

We have three basic options: oak, pecan and mixed.

Oak:  Our oak consists primarily of pin oak.  We occasionally get blackjack oak in stock but it typically is not separated out.

Pecan:  Pecan is primarily used for smoking meats.

Mixed:  Mixed wood is just that, a mixture of everything else.  If it grows in the Enid area, you could find it in the mix.  While we try not to overload any one rick with a single specie of wood, it can happen.  The woods you WONT find in any of our ricks:  pine, cedar, cottonwood or willow.  Those four don’t burn well, they smell and therefore we don’t sell them.

Prices:  (subject to change)
Oak: $100*
Pecan: $120*
Mixed: $80*

*Delivery is available at an extra charge and can be up to 5 days delayed.  Delivery is NOT available when there is snow or ice present, or immediately preceding a winter storm.

How well does wood burn?

Wood heat is measured in BTU’s and each specie of wood has a different rating.  See the OSU Fact Sheet HERE for ratings of Enid area wood species.  If something is not listed, its because its never been tested for heat production.

Below is a chart based on wood we have available in the Enid area.